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Business Finance

After struggling to get credit for his business, Sam Hodges, his partners and team built Funding Circle. Since 2010, Funding Cricle has lent more than $3 billion to over 25,000 small-and-medium-sized businesses. 

Real Estate Finance

Nav Athwal, founder of Realty Shares, was a real estate deal sponsor, broker and lawyer who recognized the lack of capital efficiency at the sub-institutional level. He set out to fix this and has since executed over $500 million in real estate transactions. 

FinTech Investors

Frank Rotman and his partners at QED Investors took a credit card spin off out of a regional bank and built what is now commonly recognized as Capital One. They since left Capital One, founded QED and funded fintech companies, now with billion dollar valuations, at their earliest stages. 


Sam Hodges: Co-Founder, Funding Circle

Nav Athwal: Founder, Realty Shares

Denise Thomas: Founder, Apple Pie Capital

Frank Rotman: Founding Partner, QED Investors

Nathan Popkins: Founder, Align Income Share Funding

Jorge Sun: Founder, LendingFront

Krista Morgan: Co-Founder, P2Binvestor

Jason Fritton: Founder, Patch of Land

Peter Renton: Founder, Lend Academy

Quotes from Capital Disruption

 "The more we kind of proceeded through that, the more we realized small, very small ticket commercial lending, in the US, is very badly broken." -Sam Hodges Co-Founder, Funding Circle 

 "We have found an unexplored niche of the internet." - Krista Morgan Co-Founder, P2Binvestor 

 "Patch of Land launched their first loan of $120,400 and optimistically expected the crowd to take thirty days to fund it. The first loan funded in two days. A lending platform was born." 

 "LendingFront's a natural outcome of my OnDeck and banking experience. It's a platform that gives banks technology to lend to small business and more efficiently, profitably leveraging what we learned previously." - Jorge Sun Founder, LendingFront 

 "I think that lending is moving online and the reality is individuals can take advantage of that." - Peter Renton Founder, Lend Academy